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We are the world's leading proxy IP provider.

We offer a pool of 60+ million IPs with country and city level targeting for marketing research.


About Us

We Sell HTTP and SOCKS Proxies.

IPHTML has been providing private socks and https proxies for seven years with thousands of satisfied customers from all around the world.

Through our services, many of our partners have achieved unexpected success. They use our proxy IP to breed many social marketing accounts, or use it for data capture to solve the problem of customers' lack of IP.

In addition to high-quality service, our price is very competitive. On average, they are only about a quarter of the same products in the market, so we have won a very good market.

What We Do?

Our Main Services

Sell dedicated http and socks proxy from almost all countries in the world.

Many locations

Servers from USA, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Netherlands and many other locations.

Proxy Authentication

Proxies have username and password or IP authentication.

Whitelist IP

You can make unlimited amount of requests either through our Rotating ports or Sticky IP session ports.

Reliable Proxy Pools

Your requests will pass through our networks of clean IPs from 100% local-peer devices connected through commercial ISPs.

Private Proxy Guarantee

Private proxies are 100% dedicated to you, all of our IPs are completely private and are not public agents of any kind

Satisfied Customers

There is no monthly bandwidth limit for using our service, over 3,000+ satisfied proxy customers choose us.

Our Features

We Provide All Kinds of Business Services

IPHTML is a public data access platform currently focused on providing a proxy server rental service for the highest quality IP addresses. We offer a pool of 40+ million IPs with country and city level targeting for marketing research, social media account management and online retail.

We’re IPHTML, the only decentralized data access platform among all major residential proxy networks. We’re here to provide easy to use data access solutions and proxy management tools for anyone. With us, you can compete on a level playing field with companies that hoard large amounts of data and with more technologically competent competitors.

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Why Choose Us ?

IPHTML started back in 2016, when a group of international entrepreneurs got fed up with waiting for weeks to access proxies from the “best” providers. We knew we could “do this better.” Initially, the 4 of us managed to partner up with a secure provider, from whom we bought proxies. Since then, we’ve expanded into a team of close to 30 people, an ever-growing client base and proxy network.

  • High Quality and Best Services.
  • Modern and Latest Technology.
  • Expert and Experienced Employee.
  • Dedicated Support Team.

60+ million

Number of Proxy


Total Clients


Satisfied Clients


Worked Hours

Choose Your Plan

Our pricing plan

Our products have a very competitive price.

Residential Proxy For Country

$ 8. 00/G

  • Free Consulting
  • Unlimited Zones
  • No white list
  • Dedicated Support
Residential Proxy For City


$ 12. 00/G

  • Free Consulting
  • Unlimited Zones
  • No white list
  • Dedicated Support

Static Residential proxies

$ 3. 00/pcs

  • Free Consulting
  • Unlimited Zones
  • No white list
  • Dedicated Support
Dedicated Team

Our team member

Our professional team ensures high quality service.



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